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Did you know that Bram Stoker, the writer of ‘Dracula’ lived in Dublin for ten years?  The discovery of his notebook is very important to researchers as it gives clues to the origin his very famous novel. The notebook will be published next year, the 100th anniversary of Stoker’s death.


US Teens selected Cassanra Clare’s ‘Clockwork Angel’ as their favourite read. Click here to find out the other great reads that made it to the top ten. Most are here in your school library.

It was a case of fourth time lucky for the British novelist Julian Barnes who has won the MAN Booker Prize for his novel “The Sense of an Ending”.  You may remember him as the author of “Flaubert’s Parrot” and “Arthur and George”.  The latter is on the Leaving Certificate English curriculum.

The plucky Belgian detective (yes, there’s two of them) stars in a new Spielberg-Jackson film which opens in Ireland on 23rd October.  Have a look at the trailer here.  Better still, you can find them on the graphic novels spinner in the Library.

The Crime Writers Association has awarded Steve Hamilton’s ‘The Lock Artist’ its Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award.  It’s available for loan at your local, friendly school library.  Please fill in the ‘Library Requests’ form at the top of the front page of this blog if you would like me to acquire the other nominees for the library.

Joseph Heller’s anti-war polemic was published 50 years ago this week. Read the Irish Times’ Life & Culture article on why the novel is considered a classic.

All you historical fiction fans will be delighted to know that Theresa Brelin’s ‘Prisoner of the Inquisition’ has won the Young Quills Award.  Books are selected and shortlisted by young people – readers like you!  The judges described the book as “an exciting and compelling story about love, hate, loyalty, kindness, sacrifice, suffering and religious persecution that never becomes melodramatic”.  It’s available at your local, friendly school library!!!