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Edgar Wright, director of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ is creating an interactive book which is part comic book, part interactive film and part game.  You will be able to influence the direction of the story ‘Random Adventures of Brandon Generator’.  Further details can be found on BBC Click.


Check out the supplement with today’s ‘Irish Times’ entitled ‘1912: Home Rule and Ulster’s Resistance’.  A copy will be included in the Irish history section of the library.

Director Peter Jackson has launched a 10 minute ‘prequel’ to his Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Critics have been, well, critical of his decision to shoot at 48 frames per second instead of the usual 24 frames.  Judge for yourself by clicking on the link to the BBC report.

According to a RTE report, Dracula may be inspired by Bram Stoker’s Irish ancestry.

I absolutely adore the Smithsonian’s History Explorer site.  I strongly advise you to check it out, particularly their Civil War resources.