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IB Extended Essay 31 May 2012 protected view Here it is folks!  I hope you find it useful.  Don’t forget to come to the Library with your research queries.  I’m here to help.


The North Carolina village which includes Katniss’ house and the Mellark’s bakery will be sold in an auction this July.  Start saving your pocket money!

Having an OMG! moment regarding the play, novel and prose?  Well, the solution is at hand.  Look at my ‘English, EFL and Film Resources’ page on this blog.  Two great ‘crib’ sites for the truly desperate are ‘no fear Shakespeare’ which also includes novels and www.  Your English teachers will kill me!!

The classic gothic horror is now available as an interactive app adapted by David Morris and Inkle.  The text has been broken up into ‘chunks’ and you, the reader, can make choices for Victor Frankenstein or Frankenstein himself.  You need the latest iPad or iPhone to use it and it can bought from the Apple App Store.