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The Quiz Team met best-selling author John Connolly at the Library Quiz in Sandford Park .  Slide1


Click HERE to find some great reads set in Ireland from the American Library Association (ALA)



Thanks to all parents, students and staff who supported the St. Michael’s House ‘Bring A Book, Buy A Book’ sale on World Book Day.  A magnificent €522.60 was raised for the charity.  Surplus books were sent to Oxfam.

Blind Date With A Book 2015 Photos

All First Year students had a ‘blind date’ with a book over the recent mid-term break.  Books were selected by Miss Ryan and wrapped in pink paper so students wouldn’t know their ‘Blind Date’ until they got home.  Was it fiction or non-fiction?  Did Miss Ryan give me a’ boring’ book?  Even though it was not something I’d normally read, would I like it?