Have a look at these great resources for your iPod.

General Sites

Byki – a downloadable flashcard programme that you can use to expand your vocabulary. There are prompts to buy the software, but you can ignore these and still use the programme

Duolingo – contains exercises that drill you through vocabulary and grammar. Then you practice what you’ve learnt by using real-life content from blogs and websites.

Radio Lingua – Have a look at Coffee Break French and Coffee Break Spanish.  Two more great resources for your iPod.


Internet for Modern Languages

Linguanet-worldwide.org – Information and links to good online resources from around the world relating to the teaching and learning of any language



Ecoutez l’alphabet – http://clicnet.swarthmore.edu/rire/abcde/alphabet.html



French Speaking Countries

Passeporte pour la Francophonie – http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/passeportfrancophone

Grammar and Language

ARTFL French Verb Conjugator – http://machaut.uchicago.edu/conjugator

Centre Collegial de Developpement de Material Didactique – http://www.ccdmd.qc.ca/fr/


Online French-English Dictionary – http://wordreference.com/index.htm


Bonjour de France – http://www.bonjourdefrance.com

Euronews – http://fr.euronews.com

RFI – htttp://www.rfi.fr/lffr/statiques/accueil_apprendre.asp

RT – http://www.rt1.fr/

TF1 – http://www.tf1.fr/


Le Monde – http://www.lemonde.fr/

Le Figaro – http://www.lefigaro.fr/

Liberation – http://www.liberation.fr/

Le Nouvel Observateur – http://tempsreel.nouvelobs.com/


Francais Facile – http://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com/


Jeux de Francais – http://www.jeuxdemots.providence.learningtogether.net/



The Goethe Institute

Language Guides



Arte – Arts and culture channel.  Short clips from programmes can be watched online.

Deutsche Welle – listen to the ‘slowly spoken news’

Das Erste – provides access to TV and radio, video, news.  Great for practising listening comprehension.

ZDF – the public broadcaster shows educational programmes.


Der Spiegel

Die Welt


Berliner Morgenpost

Frankfurter Rundschau



Soap Operas

Deutsch Lernen? Check out Deutsche Welle. Click on ‘Deutsch’ in the ‘choose a language’ section. Then click on ‘Deutsch Lernen’ in the left hand column. Have a look at ‘Telenovela’ – an easy to understand German soap opera.


Frau Schulz recommends this vocabulary builder and these podcasts

Writing Practice

Gut! – registration is required to use Gut.  A fee is charged if accessed between 9am-4pm on weekdays.  Outside these hours the site is free.

Languages Online is from the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, UK – the exercises and quizzes are good for writing, listening and revision.



Instituto Cervantes


BBC Mundo – BBC News provides the news in Spanish with video content for listening.

20 Minutos – online news service

Listening Practice

Euronews in Spanish – offers current affairs, sport, business etc.

Notes In Spanish – a commercial site, but some material is free.  Contains authentic Spanish conversations about real life topics.

Radio Television Espanola

Reading Practice

El Pais – One of Spain’s most popular newspapers

El Mundo

TECLA – online resource for Spanish teachers and students.  The site includes texts for three differenct levels and reading comprehension tasks and their solutions.

Speaking Practice

Talk Spanish – aimed a beginners and, unfortunately, not updated, but useful nonetheless.

Writing Practice

El Castellano – a range of online dictionaries and a glossary are available on this site, which is supported by the Nebrija Culture Association.

Study Spanish – this is a US commercial site, but some parts are free to access such as grammar, pronunciation, verbs and cultural notes.   Contains material suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.