Books are arranged by subject, using the Dewey Classification System (DDC). Examples of the classification numbers (or shelf marks) for Irish are listed below.

Dictionaries                           REF 491.3

Grammar                              491.6

Mythology                            398.2415

Poetry                                    891.621

Books can be searched for using the school’s online catalogue – Heritage.  To access it, simply log onto SACnet.

Irish language books such as ‘Dunmharu ar an Dart’ can be found on the spinner between the issue desk and the magazines.

News Resources

Beo! (internet magazine for Irish speakers) –

La Nua can be found at

The Irish Times has Irish language articles –

Raidio na Gaeltachta (RTE’s Irish language broadcaster) –

Raidio na Life (Baile Atha Cliath) –

TG4 –  An bhfaca tu ‘Ros na Run’?

Please note that we do not subscribe to the online version of these newspapers.

Web Resources

 Web based resources mean information is available to you 24/7 and you don’t have to be physically present in the library to use them.  The following is a selection of what is available on the internet.

Sometimes the website address will change or the link will be broken.  To re-find the site:

1)       Go to

2)       Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ link

3)       In the ‘exact phrase’ box type in the website you are looking for eg ESL Gold

4)       Click on ‘Google Search’ and the new website address should be displayed


Ard-Mhusaem na hEireann (National Museum of Ireland – the nation’s premier cultural institution with a strong emphasis on Ireland’s art, material culture and natural history.) –

Ask About Ireland (The place to find answers about Ireland. Our countryside, our heritage, the way we work and play. Here you’ll have access to information, rare images and documents from Irish public libraries, museums and archive) –

Buildings of Ireland (the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage website.  Its work involves identifying and recording the architectural heritage of Ireland, from 1700 to the present day) –

Duchas (historic sites, buildings, gardens and inland waterways) –

Gailearai Naisiunta na hEireann (The NGI has an extensive, representative collection of Irish painting) –

Irish Placenames –

Knowth and Newgrange –  Click on the link for information relating to Newgrange, a Unesco World Heritage site

Leabharlann Naisiunta na hEireann (National Library of Ireland’s mission is to collect, preserve and make available books, manuscripts and illustrative material of Irish interest.  The National Library is free of charge to all who want to use it. A Reader’s Ticket is necessary in order to consult most categories of material.  The Library does not lend books and reading is done in the various reading rooms. There is also a copying service and it is possible to get photocopies, photographs, slides, or microfilm of most items in the collections. The Library has an ongoing programme of exhibitions) –

 Grammar and Vocabulary

 Daltai na Gaeilge (grammar, phrases, proverbs, similes, games) –

English/Irish Dictionary –

Word of the Day (Focal an Lae) –

Language  (dictionary, lists of terms, lessons, texts)

Conradh na Gaeilge (promoting the learning, use and teaching of Irish) –  There is a link to ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’

Fainne (

Focloir (focloir beag) –

Foras na Gaeilge (responsible for the promotion of the Irish language throughout the whole island of Ireland) –

Gaelspell (use this site to correct your spelling mistakes.  Options 1 & 2 require a fee, Option 3 is free, but there is no technical support) – www.gaelspell.htm


An Cearrbhach Mac Caba –

An Cearrbhach Mac Caba (Freagra samplach) –

Clare sa Speir (Freagra Samplach) –

Coileach Ghleann Phadraig –

Fiche Bliain ag Fas (Freagra Samplach) –

Fiche Bliain ag Fas –

Lig Sinn I gCathu –


Dan do Mhelissa –

Faoiseamh a Geheobhadsa –

Faoiseamh a Geheobhadsa (Freagra Samplach) –

Gealt –

Gealt (Freagra Samplach) –

Jack l–

Jack –

An Mhathair –

Oiche Nollaig na mBan –

An tOilean – (a mobile and tablet app for Android and Windows).  It contains poems, explanations, short and detailed notes.

Teacher Resources

 Comhar (provides support to all Irish teachers in the in their efforts to expand on their own professionalism and to improve upon the syllabus and learning of Irish) –

 Basic level Irish lessons can be found at – tacaiocht ar-line do Mhuinteoiri

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